XMLGuy: a fluent XML builder for .NET

One of my (yet to be released) side projects has stalled in part because working with XML in .NET is annoying, and I find it hard to be motivated to do annoying things in my downtime.

DynamicBuilder is a good attempt at making things nicer, but because it is built using the standard .NET XML classes it has the same restrictions about what elements can be named etc. Generally this isn't an issue, but it can be annoying. And while the syntax is nice, I personally prefer the fluent way xmlbuilder-js does things.

So I wrote XMLGuy: a fluent, lightweight, flexible XML builder for .NET. You can use it like this:

Which produces the following XML:

There's still a bit of work to be done around namespaces, validation and testing, but it seems pretty solid so far.

The source is available on github and NuGet.

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