Updated Info-Diet Rules

I’ve decided that I either need to quit Twitter fully, or re-engage with it in a different way. For the next week or two I’m going to try out out the following rules, then take it from there:

  • filter out tweets with URLs
  • not use it during family time
  • not use it during work pomodoros (a given)
  • turn notifications off

Filtering out URLs is a very heavy-handed way to reduce the amount of news I see. This means I’ve had to switch Twitter clients to ones that allow filtering, namely the TweetDeck Chrome app and Twicca for Android.

I’ll also try a combination of lists to further filter out news.

I’m aiming to see if:

  • it’s viable to avoid news
  • Twitter is still fun an interesting without news
  • I can maintain the presence, engagement and clarity I’ve been feeling lately
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