Ubuntu - the harder stuff

As I mentioned the other day, Ubuntu 8.10 is fantastically easy to get up and running. Of course eventually you get to the harder stuff, and the fun really starts.

Almost out of princiiple I try and use GUI tools in Ubuntu, where I would otherwise quite happily hack at config files on other distros. Sometimes it ends up being more work of course, but sometimes you discover some cool tools.

My maiin remaining setup tasks are automated syncing to my (Windows) backup server, and getting the data partition auto-mounting and working correctly. As soon as I started looking at this stuff I remembered why I'd left it till last - it's painful and fiddly.

The data partition in a way is easy - Ubuntu nicely recognises it and has 'bookmarks' for mounting it. However the plan is to store the user account data on there, so user-driven mounting isn't an option. Plus, Ubuntu names the devices by size if the volume doesn't have a label, which is OK for me but less so for my wife. The UI doesn't allow you to change the label, but a small amount of digging turned up a command line utility for changing NTFS label names (ntfslabel - who would have guessed!).

Of course then there's the little niggles - like for some reason the truely great Compiz can only be enabled on one account at a time. If my wife and I are both logged in then only the first account to log in will have all the nice GUI fluff. Still haven't got to the bottom of this one.

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