The other "P" - Parenting

When I came up with the by-line for this blog I had no idea what "other things beginning with P" was referring to , but it felt right, so I went with it. Today a lightbulb went off, and the answer was so obvious I was astonished I hadn't already realised: Parenting.

I've been working part time for over a year now, solely so that I can spend more time with my family. It started with one Dad and Jeremy day a week when Ange first went back to work, and that kept up for around a year until Will was born. I've dropped back to 3 days a week until the end of the year so that I'm only working the days that Jeremy is in school.

My point being - parenting is a big part of my life, at least as big as photography and work combined. I'm not planning on starting rants about how to be the perfect parent - Lord knows I'm far from it. But I think I have come across some useful stuff in the last couple of years, and have leant some lessons that might be interesting. So you can look forward to seeing something in a completely different vein very soon.

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