The Enchiridion - Part 45

Does a man bathe quickly (early)? Do not say that he bathes badly, but that he bathes quickly. Does a man drink much wine? Do not say that he does this badly, but say that he drinks much. For before you shall have determined the opinion, how do you know whether he is acting wrong? Thus it will not happen to you to comprehend some appearances which are capable of being comprehended, but to assent to others.

When observing the actions of others, we should take them at face value rather than applying judgement. Only the person undertaking the action can fully understand the reasons behind it. The only actions we can truly understand are our own.

A mindly non-obvious implicaiton is that we should not take offense at the actions of others, or infer that they intended to offend us. We should give them the benefit of the doubt.

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