The Enchiridion - Part 41

It is a mark of a mean capacity to spend much time on the things which concern the body, such as much exercise, much eating, much drinking, much easing of the body, much copulation. But these things should be done as subordinate things: and let all your care be directed to the mind.

Again we see the balance inherent in Stoicism. Many philosophies degrade physical activities in preference for the mental, but Stoicism at least acknowledges the need for them to occur. As usual it's about where our focus lays. We need to care for the body, but as part 39 discussed, this should be limited to the level of neccessity.

This is timely for me: after failing at stoicism I've refocused, and inspired by Part 39, and am following a fairly strict set of rules that provide for physical neccessity while maximising the focus on mental improvement. I may write more about the specifics at a later date.

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