The Enchiridion - Part 39

The measure of possession (property) is to every man the body, as the foot is of the shoe. If then you stand on this rule (the demands of the body), you will maintain the measure: but if you pass beyond it, you must then of necessity be hurried as it were down a precipice. As also in the matter of the shoe, if you go beyond the (necessities of the) foot, the shoe is gilded, then of a purple color, then embroidered: for there is no limit to that which has once passed the true measure.

This one took me a while to unpack. The way to work out what people should possess is to look at what their body requires. Past this level, there is no natural bound to restrain desire. The restraint of desire (and aversion), as the earlier sections covered in depth, is the core to finding happiness and leading a good life.

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