Reading List

Stoic books, articles etc

The Enchiridion - Part 50

Never wave from what you have decided is right

The Enchiridion - Part 49

Value comes in the application of ideas, not in their understanding

The Enchiridion - Part 46

The first rule of Stoicism: don't vomit up Stoicism

The Enchiridion - Part 44

Fight Club Stoicism

The Enchiridion - Part 42

People act according to their own judgements; and if they are wrong, it is no business of ours

Failing at Stoicism

What do you do when you fall off the Stoic bandwagon? With its focus on things which are completely in our control, failing at Stoicism leaves nowhere to hide - every failure is completely on your own head.

The Enchiridion - Part 38

Our mental state is at least as important to us as our body, so we should afford it the same level of care.

The Enchiridion - Part 37

You have a duty to do good in the world; don't screw it up by over-reaching.

The Enchiridion - Part 34

As with a lot of Stoicism, the basis of this peice of advice is to eek out some space between action and reaction.

The Enchiridion - Part 33

This part is chock full of small peices of related advice on how to practically approach daily Stoicism.

Unusual Attachment

Finding enlightenment in a pile of ceramic shards

The Enchiridion - Part 30

Discovering your appropriate duties by looking at your relationships

The Enchiridion - Part 27

Is this a riddle?

The Enchiridion - Part 26

Some advice on how to bring perspective to loss and grief

The Enchiridion - Part 21

This is possibly the single most useful bit of practical Stoic advice I've come across.

The Enchiridion - Part 16

I remember being offended by this the first time I read it. It seemed to be advising dishonesty and trickery.

The Enchiridion - Aside

A brief explanaiton of the week since I last wrote

The Enchiridion - Part 15

This part has both my most and least favourite sections of Epictetus' writing.

Dissecting Epictetus

Examining the major writings of my favourite Roman Stoic

Misconceptions about Stoicism

Stoicism is a somewhat familiar idea to most people. It's usually characterized as a from of emotional dishonesty, where you put on a brave face, or further to the extreme, deny yourself the ability to feel. My parents were very much of the former school of thought, which may be why Stoicism sits fairly comfortably with me.


I started This Coding Life as a way to think about living a better life. Without knowing it, I was building a loose philosophy. But around a year ago I started reading about Stoicism and it clicked with me, moreso than my own writing ever had.