Starting with VSoft

I concluded my recent navel gazing by deciding to find the kind of career that really interested me. After a little thought it was obvious that, without an inordinate amount of effort, it wouldn't be possible to find what I was after at the ABS. So for the first time since graduating from Uni, I started seriously looking for a job.

I was looking for positions that matched my experience but eventually it clicked that I needed to look for the job I wanted, not necessarily the one that I was best suited to on paper. I forced myself to take the time to refine my rough career goals and from there my options really opened up. The number of job listings to trawl through was dramatically cut and I had a clear criteria to assess the ones that were left. I sent my resume into a few places, had a couple of interviews and put myself on some contracting lists in case I couldn't find a permanent position.

The first interview I had was with VSoft, the small Canberra software company that makes FinalBuilder. It was very laid back and informal and I immediately had a good feeling. The work matched what I was looking for and the environment couldn't be more different from the ABS: a small, non-hierarchical company with a specific focus. And they score pretty well on the Joel Test too.

I had a few other interviews lined up, but when Vincent offered me the VSoft job it didn't take me long to accept. So starting on 1 March I'll be a senior .NET developer at VSoft, getting up to my neck in ASP.NET MVC. And I can't wait :)

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