'Save the net' pettition

In response to the government's proposed internet filter, GetUp! are running an online petition, which you can sign right below.

There's 3 main problems with the proposed filter:
  1. The filter only works on normal web pages, whereas most illegal material is traded via other methods like file sharing. Anyone technical would be able to bypass the filter without too much trouble. Even child protection groups think this is a pointless proposal.
  2. The government's own tests show that the most effective filter slows down internet connections by up to 87%. For those of broadband, that means going back to slower than dial-up. For those on dial-up, the net would be completely unusable. This flies in the face of the government's claim that fast, universal internet access is a key to Australia's future global competitiveness.
  3. This sets a dangerous precedent for the government censoring and controlling information. Already on the list of things to be blocked is information about euthanasia, anorexia and legal adult content.
So if you care about freedom of information, or even just about having a usable internet connection, please join the almost 80,000 people who have signed the petition below:

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