New Toys

Lately I've been on a bit of a gear buying spree - both with audio and camera gear. Although I'm a little bit of a gear-head, it's relatively rare for me to spend up big. Here's a quick rundown of my recent exploits:

Sigma 14mm/2.8
I bought this second hand for $450. 14mm is nice an wide, f/2.8 is pretty fast, and as a bonus its full frame so I can use it on my K1000. Plus if that K1D ever materialises I won't need to buy a UWA :)

Thanks to this lens I'm now shooting almost solely with primes - the sigma, SMC-FA 50mm/1.4 and a SMC-K 135mm/2.5. Before I needed to keep my 'walkaround' 17-70 with me to cover the wide end. Now I just need, say, a 31mm LTD and a 200mm or 300mm and I'll be set for life ;)

Samsung GX-10
This is a re-badged Pentax K10D - the camera I've wanted to upgrade to since it came out. Again, second hand (and again, $450 :)). The step up from my entry level *istDS has been really nice. I honestly can't say I'm taking better photos, but the ergonomics, usability and features sure are nice.

I was planning on waiting until Pentax brought out a full frame body, but that looks to be at least 18 months of, and for $450 it was just too hard to go past.  

Alessandro MS-Pros
I'm a bit of a headphone nut, mostly because I don't have the money or space for a great stereo setup. What I have is actually pretty decent, but the bang for buck of headphones is hard to go past.

The MS-Pros are an upgrade from my Beyerdynamic DT880s, which have served me well for a couple of years. The Pros were about $300 over my inital budget, but I'm sure glad I talked myself into it. They really are stunning. Detail and separation is like nothing I've ever heard - they make the Beyers sound really dull! Then again, they are twice the price. 

Other stuff
There's been some other bits and peices too - a light stand and a couple of brollies, knock-off gorillapod and camera + laptop backpack (Naneu Pro K3L - absolutely fantastic for the price). In the mail at the moment are a couple of ebay extra batteries for the GX10 ($9 each!), and a second hand PA2V2 for use at work with my ipod and LOD. 

Oh, and a new Inspiron 1525 from Dell, but that's a family thing, so it hardly counts :)

It's funny how spending goes. I'm not sure if it's like it for others, but I usually go a long time without spending much at all, then all of a sudden out of nowhere enough money's been saved (or turns up), right about the time that things need replacing. Fun while it lasts, but it's a bit too easy to get into the habit. 

Not that I've gone particularly overboard - my wife's planning a month long holiday in Fiji, so my spending spree looks positively tiny :D 

PS, for some reason text formatting doesn't seem to be sticking. The headings were bold, I promise. 
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