Music I wish I'd found earlier

Over the last couple of years, especially since subscribing to Rdio, I've been falling in love with music that's been around for ages, but that I somehow had missed. This is playlist of "old" music I've recently discovered, which has made my life better.

I've made playlists of the tracks on Rdio and YouTube:

Daft Punk: Robot Rock/Oh Yeah

I mostly dismissed electronic and rap music for a long time, with some rare exceptions. Not getting into Daft Punk earlier has meant 5 years without hearing Alive 2007, which just makes me sad. The album is awesome to work to, and this is killer opening track.

Azealia Banks: 212

This breaks from the theme a little: I did't miss this track when it came out. It is, however, a song I wish had been around longer. Completely fun and addictive. Plus, you know, cunnilingus.

The Black Keys: Next Girl

This kinda dirty, rock-y blues competely does it for me. Excellent for Sunday mornings, or any time, really. It feels so effortless and graceful, while being rough and funky. So good.

Bill Withers: Who Is He? (And What Is He To You?)

I can't remember how I stumbled across Bill Withers. I think I had Lean On Me stuck in my head and looked it up on Rdio. In any case, I now adore him. This track in particular is just perfect.

Broken Face: Pixies

Of all the music on this list, the Pixies are the band I least understand missing. I had friends in late primary school whose parents were into them; they're referenced everywhere as the precursor to grunge; hell, I even had/have a crush on Cannonball-era Kim Deal. I dunno, it's a mystery.

Suffice it to say that they're now firmly on my shortlist of all-time favourite bands.

Jay Z & Kanye West: Otis

As I said, I dismissed rap for a long time. I've been listening to a lot of Jay Z and Kanye's albums, but Watch The Throne is up there as a favourite. I know SFA about rap, but I know I like this.

The Dresden Dolls: Half Jack

I vaguely remember hearing Girl Anachronism and thinkiing it was cool, but didn't bother checking out the band because it didn't seem like the sort of thing that could fill a whole album well. Fast forward a few years and everyone in my Twitter feed is losing their shit about Amanda Palmer touring. I decided to see what the fuss was about....

Punk Caberet is such an accurate description. High energy, messy, dark but also showy and inescapably entertaining. As with the Pixies, the Dolls have cemented their place in my all-time favs.

The Dillinger Escape Plan: Dead As History

Back in the day on (usenet kids, remember that?) a lot of people were going on about this DEP band. I still wasn't really into metal, and because they were heavier than Tool I never bothered looking them up.

I like to describe DEP as Faith No More cross Straping Young Lad, on speed. This is challenging music if you're not used to it; complex, wall-of-sound insanity that takes some patience to get through. But man oh man, once you get there...

This is an easier track to listen to, but you'll stil get the idea. DEP are probably my favourite "metal" band (so long as NIN don't get pulled into that genre).

High On Fire: Turk

I have Thomas to thank for both DEP and High On Fire. I dunno what to say about them, really, but their gravelly, grubby style really appeals to me.

Machine Head: Darkness Within

I had friends who were into Machine Head in highschool. I was really surprised that they were still around. But this album (Enter the Locust) is extrememly solid metal, with some great depth and variance.

Cream: Tales of Brave Ulysses

So I got to 32 without ever heaving heard Cream, other than on the radio. Go figure.

Bruce Springsteen: Magic

Another artist I'd dimissed because I assumed I wouldn't be into him. Not long after Ange and I met she mentioned she liked Sprinsteen, so I bought her his lastest album, Magic. I was pretty blown away by just how good it, and he, is. Solid, well written, unaplogetic rock.

Tired Pony: Pieces

Kat gets the credit for this one. I've had her mix tapes in the car for months, and every time this comes on I get lost in it.

Pixies: Where Is My Mind

Because you can never have too much of the Pixies. Plus you get to feel like you've just blown up a whole heap of shit.

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