First Week In The Wilderness

Yesterday was the first ‘go nuts’ day in my slow info diet, which means I had been without Twitter and news for a week. Here are my brief observations, which may or may not be coloured by only having 3hrs sleep the night before.

I had to force myself back into info-sugar consumption, much more so than with real sugar in my slow carb diet. I just wasn’t very interested. It took effort to constantly check Twitter and to read Zite and Read It Later.

I found it a lot harder to be present with the kids. I had more trouble keeping my cool. 3hrs sleep and a pregant wife in hospital would have also been contributing here, but the info-sugar seemed to be making it significantly worse.

I didn’t want to share as much on Twitter. I found myself without anything to say, which is, well, atypical. Even stranger, I felt much less connection to the people I follow. It also didn’t seem like anyone had particularly missed me. Again, that could be the lack of sleep talking.

Over all I felt frustrated and, paradoxically, disconnected. I missed the peace of the previous week.

I did learn about some cool stuff, and to a degree caught up with people’s lives. Read It Later and particularly Zite were even more useful than with my previous info consumption habits. If was still around it would have been remarkably handy. I got to watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Navy SEALs, so it wasn’t all bad ;–)

I am looking forward to a week without news, so in that respect the diet is working exactly as-designed.

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