Buying a Pram

After yesterday's navel-gazing, I thought I'd go with something completely practical - some advice on buying a pram (that's a baby carriage if you're not a local). 

About 3 years ago we started looking at a pram for our oldest son, who's now 2 and a half. After a lot of messing about in baby shops we settled on a Mountain Buggy because it was light-weight, tough, folds effortlessly, is easy to manoeuvre and didn't come with a heap of useless crap like cup holders. We both had plans to run with it, so we figured there was no point cheaping out. Once we bought a rain cover and sun cover, it ended up somewhere around the $1,000 mark. Which, frankly, I still think is a bit insane.

It has, however, lasted fantastically well. It's been used pretty much every day since Jeremy was born and we walk a lot more than we drive. It's often loaded up with 10-20kgs on top of the kid's weight, but is still effortless to push. It's amazingly easy to run with and has really taken a beating. We've had friends who went with cheaper options who have gone through a couple of prams in the same time. But would I do the same again? Nope.


Not long after Will was born we realised that having him in the pram and Jeremy in the stroller just wasn't going to work. Not only was the stroller damn hard to push, but it was starting to fall apart. Which isn't really surprising, given that Jeremy's a couple of kilos over its maximum weight. So Ange decided to chase down a second hand mountain buggy, seeing as the other one had lasted us so well. It also lets us swap accessories etc. 

We ended up picking up a 4 year old model for $300, including sun and rain covers. And it's like new. Not bad for 1/3rd of the price! That said, despite all its beatings ours is also pretty much like new too. 


So at the end of all that, what's my advice? Go shopping and find a really good, indestructible model that you like, and then go and find one that's a few years old. For less than the price of one of the cheap options you can end up with something that, other than a few minor design changes, is essentially identical in function to the $1000 model. And it'll last forever.

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