Benefits of dual booting

For the last few days I've been at Mum's, where dial-up only access essentially means no internet access, so I decided to get some long overdue video editing done. Because I've got little more than a clean install of Vista and Ubuntu on the laptop, it was an interesting experiment in using the out of the box/bundled tools provided with the two OS's.

From what I can see, there's no video editing software bundled with Ubuntu. That left me with Windows Movie Maker, which I must say did a quite OK job, given that I have almost zero video editing experience. There were a few things that were non-obvious or not possible, but on the whole it was quick and fairly easy.

When it came to making 25 DVDs of the completed movie however, Vista didn't seem to have an easy answer. Movie Maker did allow the burning of X copies to DVD, but seeing as it corrupted the second disk I decided to look for another option. Booting into Ubuntu I found Brasero, which did a flawless job of cloning the one successful burn from Movie Maker.

Of course, in regular day to day life it wouldn't have mattered either way - I would have downloaded a video editor for Ubuntu, or a burning app for Windows. But it sure was handy to have both there, with their respective software bundles, when working offline.

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