Another week in the wilderness

Week two of my slow-info diet is done, and I’m currently gorging myself on news. Last week I wondered how much of my experience was down to lack of sleep, and how much was genuine.

Without news, I’m getting massively more reading done. In the last week I’ve read about 35% of A Dance With Dragons, along with a few chapters of The New Capitalist Manifesto.

I feel calmer, more peaceful and more patient. I’m losing tht feeling that there’s so much I’m missing out on, so much I need to learn.

This week I feel less disenfranchised with Twitter, so I’m putting a lot of that down to poor sleep. But I still don’t know quite what to do with it, as a medium. Most of the people I follow on Twitter post a lot of interesting news-y articles, and most discussion I have is around that. I still intend to keep my news consumption down to one day a week, so what, if any, place does Twitter have? I’m still not sure.

I don’t think appearing once a week is viable. It feels disingenuous. So I think it’s either quit fully or go back to regular/daily usage.

If I do go back I’m going to impose some usage rules around what and how much I share. For the most part I’ve stopped continually observing my life, so I’m more present and engaged. It’s a really nice feeling that I don’t want to lose.

Overall, I’m still very much liking this diet. While in part it’s “ignorance is bliss”, I’d like to think I’m becoming ignorant of things that don’t truly matter while slowly becoming less ignorant of those that do.

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