Orion 1 Blue Review

A brief review of the Orion 1 Blue

Seagull 1963 Review

A brief review of the Seagull 1963 Chinese chronograph

Should I buy a Vostok Amphibia?

Is a Vostok Amphibia the right watch choice for you?

Favourite Albums of 2016

My favourite albums of 2016, in the form of a playlist

New Music

The Core Idea: 5 Books That Changed My Life

The best books have at least one thing you take away that changes how you approach life. Here are 5 of my favourites.

Reading List

Stoic books, articles etc

How I Take Notes

The scripts I use for note-taking, and how I use them.

clearInterval() workaround for some Android browsers

In older versions of Android's browser, clearInterval() doesn't always work. Here's a workaround.

The Enchiridion - Part 50

Never wave from what you have decided is right

The Enchiridion - Part 49

Value comes in the application of ideas, not in their understanding

The Enchiridion - Part 46

The first rule of Stoicism: don't vomit up Stoicism

The Enchiridion - Part 44

Fight Club Stoicism

The Enchiridion - Part 42

People act according to their own judgements; and if they are wrong, it is no business of ours

Failing at Stoicism

What do you do when you fall off the Stoic bandwagon? With its focus on things which are completely in our control, failing at Stoicism leaves nowhere to hide - every failure is completely on your own head.

Advanced Mercurial

The Enchiridion - Part 38

Our mental state is at least as important to us as our body, so we should afford it the same level of care.

Things to Think About

Hosting a full stack web app in WPF - Part 1

The Enchiridion - Part 37

You have a duty to do good in the world; don't screw it up by over-reaching.

The Enchiridion - Part 34

As with a lot of Stoicism, the basis of this peice of advice is to eek out some space between action and reaction.

The Enchiridion - Part 33

This part is chock full of small peices of related advice on how to practically approach daily Stoicism.

Unusual Attachment

Finding enlightenment in a pile of ceramic shards

The Enchiridion - Part 30

Discovering your appropriate duties by looking at your relationships

The Enchiridion - Part 27

Is this a riddle?

The Enchiridion - Part 26

Some advice on how to bring perspective to loss and grief

The Enchiridion - Part 21

This is possibly the single most useful bit of practical Stoic advice I've come across.

The Enchiridion - Part 16

I remember being offended by this the first time I read it. It seemed to be advising dishonesty and trickery.

The Enchiridion - Aside

A brief explanaiton of the week since I last wrote

The Enchiridion - Part 15

This part has both my most and least favourite sections of Epictetus' writing.

Dissecting Epictetus

Examining the major writings of my favourite Roman Stoic

Misconceptions about Stoicism

Stoicism is a somewhat familiar idea to most people. It's usually characterized as a from of emotional dishonesty, where you put on a brave face, or further to the extreme, deny yourself the ability to feel. My parents were very much of the former school of thought, which may be why Stoicism sits fairly comfortably with me.


I started This Coding Life as a way to think about living a better life. Without knowing it, I was building a loose philosophy. But around a year ago I started reading about Stoicism and it clicked with me, moreso than my own writing ever had.

Misconceptions about Stoicism

Music I wish I'd found earlier

Remapping Android Buttons

Functional Javascript for OO developers, Part 2

MVC is only part of the picture

Functional Javascript for OO developers, Part 1

XMLGuy: a fluent XML builder for .NET

A few photos from Helen Perris' show

Thoughts on Prometheus

Misogynists around me

Creeping Libertarianism

The Transition Movement

Lessons from my first open source project

Managing my asthma

1001 Albums

Updated Info-Diet Rules

Another week in the wilderness

First Week In The Wilderness

The Slow Information Diet

Current political compass score

I kinda love this quote from Friedman on lack of belief in the freedom of the 'proles'

The cost of negative politics

Picasa php scripts on github

Contain What You Can't Eliminate

Sometimes it's not possible to fix everything at once, or to fully fix things at all. This is especially true of human behavior. In Changing Fearlessly I talked about focusing on a single change at a time. Even with a single change though, sometim...

Changing Fearlessly

To approach change fearlessly, you need the right support. In programming that primarily comes from automated tests and a great source control system. The first lets you know if you've broken something, the second lets you step back in time to fix...

Leaving the Left

A tale of two puppies

Damn cheeky rabbits

Chalk is amazing

A year's worth of family photos

Review: Part One of "With A Little Help"

The Heartless Libertarian

Happy Patterns

This article put me in the mood to read some fiction. It also also got me thinking about the patterns that appear in my life when things are going well.

Exceptionality and extremism

Come work with me!


Mercurial on Dropbox

Kreigaffe's Metal Mix Tape review

New site: hughesoft.com


How do you make money off software?

Failing Gracefully

Four years ago, my Dad died unexpectedly. That kicked off a challening few years for my family and I. Both our sons were born; my Mum died; we moved interstate a couple of times; bought and sold a few houses; my wife and I both changed jobs; we ha...

Creating my private army of code monkeys #fb

Anti-capitalist Apple Fanbois are Hypocritical Arsehats: A Rant

Ah, the tax system

Is poll-driven politics reactionary, or responsive?

Using Google Forms to create a simple iPhone app

Why I'm not preferencing Labor in the Federal election

HTML5 iPhone app: Password Generator

You Manage What You Measure

I've been cycling to work for the past few months. As it gets deeper into Autumn and the temperature dips closer to zero Celsius , making the right clothing choices right is becoming more important. The hardest part isn't keeping warm: it's making...

Just Because You Can

I often do technical things for no particular reason. For example, a couple of nights ago I jailbroke my iPhone and ever since I've been doing things like installing SSH and a web server. That's right, my iPhone can now serve web pages.

A Dad and Jeremy weekend

Growing up

New article on FinalBuilder.com: Getting Started with Mercurial

Feature Bloat

No matter the size of the time gap, I've got it covered. Audiobooks on my cycle to work, podcasts while I'm doing housework, Twitter and mobile browsing whenever I...

The iPad is not the end of geeks

The 4 C's of Elegance

After my last blog post a couple of friends and I were discussing the "best" solution to the FizzBuzz problem. My solution is the one I consider to be the most elegant, because it satisfies the 4 C's of elegance. The first 3 C's are obvious.

Refactoring Life

In software development, refactoring is the process of improving how code is structured, usually because the original implementation was sub-optimal or the circumstances in which the code is being used have changed. The aim is elegance: that subje...

Welcome to This Coding Life

As a professional developer I know a fair amount about creating good software. But as a relatively new dad (and at 30, a relatively new grown-up) I'm still leaning an aweful lot about creating a good life.

This Coding Life will contain a series of articles focused on taking the principles and strategies I use in my career and applying them to my every day life. My experience so far is that applying professional rigour to my personal life helps make it more elegant, useful and enjoyable. Hopefully, that will continue...

Programming Snobs

Starting with VSoft

Proj365 Day 41: White Lion (my fav image of the year so far)

The Best System

Setting up an almost-free web presence

Proj365 Day 9: 3 Macros

Create a multi-column Twitter client with 12 lines of HTML

Proj365 Day 1: Will

Refactoring Life

A fork in the road


My travel photography lessons

Surfacing ABS data as XML

Jeremy in black and white


Sick Bed

Zoo Photos

The myth of retirement entitlement

Flex Dashboards

ASDoc - javaDoc for Flex

Flex LineChart.verticalAxisRenderer anomalies

Driving DT880s

Why SXSW isn't the beginning of the end for Twitter

iPod headphone socket vs line out + PA2V2 amp

Rediscovering P-mode

Audio shootout: EeePC 900HA vs 6th gen iPod Classic

Linux on the 900HA revisited

White Lion

My take on the stimulus package

Trees at Sunset, revisited

Installing Ubuntu on an EeePC 900HA

eeePC 900HA mini-review

Roll your own Enum in Flex

Housekeeping: new domain name

The death of real life

Buying a Pram

What do you really like doing?

Book recommendation: Raising Boys

The other "P" - Parenting

'Save the net' pettition

Relentless optimism

DBC vs TDD: A response

WSG: Web 2.0 and Government

Still Life, with Bites

Audio Tests - Prelim

Domino and WebDAV

Good things come...

Oh security, why do you hate me?

Star in the making

Flex sandbox annoyances

Multi-series Flex graphs

Benefits of dual booting

Ubuntu - the harder stuff

Site update

Vista and Ubuntu

Graphing templates in Flex

New Toys

DT880 vs MS-Pro

Setting up