A Dad and Jeremy weekend

Jeremy and I have taken advantage of a lack of family-sized
accommodation in Wagga to have a weekend away together. We decided to
do it the boy way and pack light: just a backpack for clothes,
toothbrushes and my toys; and a small bag for Jeremy's toys.

After a nice coffee and cake outing with Ange and Will, we jumped in
the car pretty unprepared. After getting fuel and dropping back home
to get Jeremy some headphones that worked, we hit the road.

We had a quick lunch stop at Gundagai and were in Wagga in no time.
The whole trip was a breeze: Jeremy played, we both listened to some
music and even fitted in some conversation.

The fun started when we tried to find our hotel. Google maps had put
it in the middle of Wagga, which is why I picked it. After half an
hour of driving around and asking random people, we found out that it
was actually about 5kms out of town We'd driven past it on our way
in. Ugh.

With that sorted, we headed to Nan and Sue's house to pick up the last
of the boxes Mum had left for us. Sue was at work, but after packing
up we had a nice cup of tea with Nan, then went on a impromptu dinner

With food secured (vegie burger and chips: healthy adventure food), we
headed back to the hotel and scoffed it down. Jeremy decided it was
time for showers, stories a bed. But first he had to arrange the
covers on both of our beds to make sure we'd both be comfortable.

Despite being excited and sugared up from NanNan's buscits, and being
in a bed rather than his travel tent, he went straight to sleep.

Tomorrow we've got a visit to the "boat park" planned, after we
forrage for breakfast. Then back on the road, hopefully getting home
in time to spend some time with Ange and Will.

All on all a great little weekend away.

Posted via email from The Hughes Zoo

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